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Aplikacja Egzamin LEK

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The "LEK exam" application is a convenient tool in preparation for the Medical Examination Final. It contains a collection of questions from LEK from 2008 to 2018 ( including the term 2018 ) with correct answers. These questions have been sorted by issues (eg Interna -> Gastroenterology -> pancreatic diseases), so that you can prepare yourself more effectively from a specific department. Very useful is also the possibility of returning to a previously resolved test with a thorough review of the questions for which we gave an incorrect answer.

  • questions from LEKs 2008-2018 (last date: autumn 2018)
  • responses verified by a team of doctors
  • ability to solve LEK tests by year
  • the possibility of thematic solving of questions (eg Interna -> Cardiology -> ischemic heart disease)
  • discuss questions
  • question search engine
  • viewing statistics
  • adding private notes
  • access to applications on other iOS / android devices
  • collecting test statistics
  • access to erroneous questions in previously resolved tests
  • adding questions to favorites
  • clear graphical interface

The LEK exam application is available both in the store Appstore as well as Google Play